Cooperation with the Taiwan Deep Ocean Water Resource Application Society
The Deep Ocean Water Applications Society (DOWAS) concluded a partnership agreement with the Taiwan Society of Deep Ocean Water Resource Applications.
The signing ceremony for the written partnership agreement was conducted at 1:15pm on 20th November 2014 during the annual meeting held in the Citizen Center of the City Imari, Saga Prefecture.
Signing ceremony
(On the left; Masayuki TAKAHASHI, President of the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society,
On the right; Jin-Yuan LIU, Chairman of Taiwan Society of Deep Ocean Water Resource Applications)

The text of the agreements is the followings;

Written agreement of partnership
  Taiwan Society of Deep Ocean Water Resource Applications agrees to conduct exchanges and cooperate on promoting utilization of deep ocean water resources with the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society in the following ways.
1. Both societies make efforts on promoting scientific and technical developments of deep ocean water resource applications under deepening mutual understanding of each other based on the spirit of international friendship.
2. Both societies agree with promoting exchanges between members in each respective society with establishing the chance(s) of exchanging science and technology in applications of deep ocean water resources.
3. In order to realize the objectives mentioned in this agreement, both societies will establish practical cooperative plans such as exchanging members each other, holding cooperative symposia and exchanging information according to the role and financial condition of each respective society.
4. Both societies nominate the representative and confirm the state of progress and the results of the cooperative programs mentioned above on a regular basis.
5. Validity of this agreement is 2 years. Extension of cooperation will be decided by the intension of both societies. If either one of the societies does not wish to extend, the society must notify to the other society in written form at least 3 months before the date of expiration.
6. This agreement of cooperation between both societies will come into force after signing by each respective representative, and reception of agreement documents by each society.
Taiwan Society of Deep Ocean Water
Resource Applications
Jin-Yuan LIU
  Deep Ocean Water
Applications Society