About the DOWAS
■Purpose of the DOWAS
   For the promotion of the effective use of deep ocean water (DOW), an untapped natural resource shared by all human beings, it is necessary to strengthen the domestic organizations in close liaison among industry, government and academic sectors, foster the research into the applications of DOW and promote the dissemination of the fruits of the research. The promotion of research activities through international cooperation has been strongly desired at home and abroad. Particularly the prompt establishment of a domestic organization for groups and individuals to participate freely in the exchange of information about DOW has been called for. In the light of this situation, the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society (DOWAS) was established. (Excerpted from the Prospectus, November 20, 1996)
■Message from the President of DOWAS
■Cooperation with the Taiwan Deep Ocean Water Resource Application Society

1. Publication of news
2. Holding of research conferences (annually)
3. Publication of journal (biannual)
4. Selecting the society prize ⇒ By-laws, List of the awarded winners
5. Users meeting

■Organization and Directors
■Bylaws of the DOWAS (PDF)